I have gone to other physical therapy facilities wherein I felt like I was just at a gym with a “trainer” who just orders me to do a set of exercises but walks away while I do them to socialize with other physical therapists.  Their attention span on me is limited to just telling me which exercise/number of reps to do until my time-slot is over.  No real guidance/correction on proper form.  No time taken to listen to/address my concerns or questions.  No real personal care or understanding of me as a person beyond my ailments.  With no such personal guidance/dedication from the physical therapist, I feel like I wasted precious time traveling to the facility, wasted hard-earned money, and uninspired to attend physical therapy sessions.  I call these type of facilities – cookie-cutter or box facilities.

Don’t go to a cookie-cutter or box facility, go to Dr. Missy Eisenhauer who gives personalized genuine treatment and support. Here’s yet another example of her dedication to the welfare of others:

I had a friend visiting me from out of town for less than a week.  While visiting, she had relayed to me an ailment that sounded like physical therapy could help.  I had suggested she see Missy.  So, she had a couple of sessions with Missy.  Although my friend had already headed back to her home state, Missy still reached out to my friend to follow-up on her progress.  My friend was truly impressed with Missy and her treatment.  My friend is envious of me that I had found such a top-notch physical therapist.

Dr. Missy Eisenhauer has a heart of gold!