Survivor Fitness Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that helps cancer survivors regain their health and wellness through one-on-one personal training and nutritional support. Every year hundreds of thousands of people live beyond their cancer diagnosis. They are often left weak, frail and unsure of how to recover from the mental and physical aftermaths of the illness. And while there is much support during treatment, the support post-treatment is lacking. 

Survivor Fitness participants are paired with a personal trainer to receive training for 12 weeks, twice a week, while also receiving guidance from a registered dietician. Through this individualized, custom program, survivors can overcome many of the side effects of their cancer diagnosis, and reduce their chance of injury, relapse and re-hospitalization. 

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Meet Jarrah Paschall, RN, CPT, Your Trainer At This Location

With over 2 decades in the fitness-wellness industry, Jarrah has an extensive list of certifications including being American Council on Exercise (ACEfitness) certified personal trainer, a CETI certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and a   Certified Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer SpecialistShe has a BS degree in Exercise Science from Belmont University and also works as an RN. Her goal is to give each client the best tools, coaching & education to help them obtain optimal health. 

Whether it is healthier food choices, mobility or stability, or just put a smile on their face, she works to help each person become a better version of themselves every day.